2016 Submission Statistics

I thought it might be neat for writers to see what kind of statistics I have as an Acquisitions Editor with an up-and-coming small press. Now, the statistics below are ONLY for submission sent to ME (this doesn’t include any submissions sent to the other Acquisitions Editor with FVP); and these are ONLY the statistics from December 2016, which was the first month I began working at the publishing house 🙂

In short, these are NOT the 2016 statistics for the entire publishing house, but still a cool thing to look at for some writers 🙂

SUBMISSION OUTCOMES: 23.1% were rejected on the query; 76.9% received requests for their full manuscript.

FULL MANUSCRIPT REQUESTS OUTCOMES: 20% withdrew their submission after signing contracts with other presses/agents; 40% received letters to ‘Revise & Resubmit’ their manuscript; 3% received rejections based on their full manuscripts; 10% signed contracts for publication.

76.9% of submitting authors were FEMALE.

23.1% of submitting authors were MALE.

61.5% of submissions were in the ADULT category; 23.1% were in the YOUNG ADULT category; 7.7% were in the NONFICTION category; and 7.7% were in the MIDDLE GRADE category.

15.4% were WOMEN’S FICTION; 7.7% were HORROR; 30.8% were ROMANCE or one of its sub-genres; 15.4% were THRILLER/SUSPENSE; 7.7% were MEMIORS; and 23.1% were a form of FANTASY.

In January 2018, I’ll plan to share my stats for 2017!



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